Things to Do

As we welcome you to SASEM2020, we welcome you to the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. It is a great pleasure to host this huge assembly in a region that has a unique character.

At the coast of the Arabian Gulf, the City of Khobar presents itself as one of the largest in the region. With its beautiful waterfront area, it offers a great time for the family to stroll around cafes and playgrounds.

Enjoy a panoramic view at the city’s Water Tower. Indulge in the wonders of Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Science & Technology Center (SciTech), with its aquarium, interactive displays, and the IMAX theater. And with the Kingdom being the largest oil producer, you can explore the Saudi oil industry at the Aramco Exhibit.

Visit Ithra, the iconic landmark that hosts different activities and events for everyone to enjoy. From theatre, to cinema, museums, and exhibitions, it is a place that is meant to give a transformative experience.

The capital city of the Eastern Province, Dammam, is another coastal city to enjoy. Only 20 minutes away from Khobar, its corniche forms a beautiful tree-lined walkway, and the perfect getaway place to enjoy the sea-view.

Al Jubail, the largest industrial city in the world, is a one-hour drive from Khobar. Although it is known as an industrial city, it is home to a variety of adventures and hiking trips. Along its coast, thousands of flamingo birds can be seen, making it a beautiful spot to catch the sunset.

Al-Ahsa Oasis, located two hours away from Khobar. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is definitely worth the visit. Rich in cultural landscapes that speak of the history of the region and of the Kingdom.

While you enjoy SASEM2020, we hope you enjoy plenty of activities, adventures, and get a taste of the local Saudi cuisine and its rich flavours.

Read more about the Kingdom and the Eastern Province in Saudi’s official tourism website, where you can also find out all about visa requirements and applications.

Welcome to SASEM2020,

Welcome to Saudi Arabia.